IDR - spécialiste de la qualité de l'air

IDR, Quality & Innovation

At IDR we want to act, before we are forced to react. To move forward, not to be left behind. To create our future without waiting to see what it holds. To rely on human resources to develop technologies that will continue to make sense, always in the right direction.

IDR fabricant français depuis 2010

Our Company

IDR Groupe is a French company specialising in air quality, both in the distribution of active products to deodorise or perfume, and in the analysis and total purification of the air. All our products have been designed and manufactured in France for over 10 years.

From a family business specialising in perfume, we have evolved into a group with a wealth of new skills and diversity.



ventury:1993, oxymore:1999, retro:2018, scanair:2021


For more than three generations, innovation has been a family tradition in the most advanced sectors: Engineering, tooling, mechanics, plastic injection, IT, electricity, sheet metal work, 3D production...

IDR - qualité montage d'un fuji noir


Since our foundation, quality has been at the heart of IDR. Our priority is to offer consumers durable products that meet the highest performance requirements.