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Olfactory marketing, why scent your spaces?

Customers with flair. There's something in the air?

Olfactory marketing, uses scent delivery to create a positive customer experience. "In a world where products and services are ubiquitously available, we buy where we get the best experience." (David Kepron)

A scented atmosphere leaves a strong emotional impression on the customer and improves their state of mind, allowing for a more vivid memory of the product, the place but also the information delivered.


These applications include : 


Increased attention, understanding, concentration and memory

Improved sense of security, cleanliness and well-being

Change your mood and feelings with a targeted fragrance.

Change mood and feelings with a targeted fragrance.

Treatment and destruction of bad odours

Did you know?

35% of smells encountered are memorised by the brain compared to only 5% of visuals and 2% of sounds.

Amongst ready-to-wear fashion consumers: 4 out of 10 consumers are able to accurately name brands that have a distinct smell.


OLFACTIVE MARKETING, A real impact not to be neglected

Various studies and case studies have shown the beneficial effects of a successful olfactory ambience for a brand: improved image, increased sales, increased footfall and positive feedback from their customers. Find below some key figures:


Increase in the number of impulse purchases


Increase in the number of occasional visitors


Increase in the number of customer return intentions.


Increased sales and average basket.

To find out more and learn about concrete examples of successful olfactory marketing actions, follow our articles in the series "Olfactory marketing in history."


We have been pioneering the technology of fogging since the end of the last century. Today, our innovative collection combines ease of use with optimised fragrance consumption, virtually no maintenance requirements and strict compliance with standards and the environment.

IDR - lobby -parfum d'ambiance


VENTURY, a collection of products dedicated to the diffusion of perfume, without restriction of volume or surface. From the shop to the shopping centre, from the cinema to the hotel complex, the VENTURY collection adapts to all volumes of air to be perfumed.

From the very small to the very large, without multiplying the equipment.