Collection IDR Oxymore - purificateur d'air par photocatalyse

How to use your purifier?

OXYMORE : Install, Connect, Purify

Our purifiers all work on the "plug and purify" principle. Once installed, you simply switch it on and it starts to destroy pollutants.  

schema installation d'une lampe oxymore

Install the lamp when first used.

schema positionné le purificateur au centre de la piece

Position the purifier preferably in the centre of the space.

Brancher et allumer votre purificateur

Switch on the purifier and select the recycling speed.

Le purificateur recycler l’air en continu, plusieurs fois par jour.

Let the purifier recycle the air continuously.

Our advice

 Below are some tips on how to make the cleansing process even more effective. 

Purificateur d'air au centre du salon

Choosing the appropriate location for your purifier

For optimum efficiency, the purifier should be positioned in the centre of the room so that the air circulates well. In contrast, do not place it in a corner as it will take much longer to purify all the air. Do not place it next to a window either.

A study of the air currents in your spaces can considerably optimise your purification coverage. Contact our experts for more information.

Purificateur d'air de nuits


OXYMORE technology continuously recycles and purifies the air throughout the day, keeping the room perfectly clean, limiting the spread of micro-organisms and reducing the viral load in your direct environment. Keep your OXYMORE purifier running continuously 24/7.

You can find more information about the technology in the "Photocatalysis - how it works" section.

IDR oxymore maintenance et entretiens des purificateur d'air

Follow the maintenance tips and note the things to avoid

To maintain its performance, your purifier requires minimum maintenance and the respect of precautions of use.

You will find all this advice in the user manuals for our products.