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Professional air purifiers

Purify indoor air continuously with OXYMORE photocatalysis

Our technology recycles and purifies the air continuously without disturbing you throughout the day. Wherever air quality is a major issue, OXYMORE devices are indispensable.


Discover preventive air purification

To combat VOCs, allergens, viruses, bacteria and all indoor pollutants. OXYMORE photocatalysis offers an ideal continuous control solution for everyone, whether you have a small business, a factory or a multi-storey building.

Find out more about the challenges of indoor air quality, our technology and its advantages.

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Collection oxymore dans un bureau présentation

With Oxymore, find the air purifier that suits you

Oxymore is a complete range of unique and innovative devices dedicated to air purification by photocatalysis. From the hotel room to the smoking room, from the medical room to the primary schools, the OXYMORE collection adapts to all spaces to be treated without volume restriction, from the mobile purifier to the integration in an Air Handling Unit (AHU).

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Advantages of photocatalytic purification

No volume restrictions

A professional and powerful range, adapted to all air volumes to be treated.

Continuous treatment with a human presence

The technology continuously recycles and purifies the air without disturbing you throughout the day.

Reduces viral load and pathogens

It allows to limit the propagation of micro-organisms, pathogens and to reduce the viral load in your direct environment.

Stop throwing away your filters and protect the planet

Our purifiers are self-maintaining, so polluted activated carbon filters will no longer end up in the garbage. And Mother Nature says thank you.

Minimal maintenance

Replace the dust filter when saturated and change the lamp once a year.

A self-regenerating purification technology

Our technology is resilient, so you don't have to change the OXYMORE Tio2 or ULTIMATE photocatalytic media, which is constantly self-regenerating and depolluting.