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REACH certificate

Learn more about the REACH certificate for IDR fragrances, which allows to secure and control the manufacturing and use of chemical substances.

All IDR Fragrances are certified REACH compliant.

REACH is a European regulation (regulation n°1907/2006) that came into effect on June 1, 2007 in order to secure and control the manufacture and use of chemical substances in the European industry.

The main objective of the regulation is to improve the knowledge of the effects of chemical substances, whether on human health or on the environment, in order to effectively manage the risks associated with the use of these products.

REACH also proposes to progressively substitute the most dangerous chemical substances with (more) health and environment friendly alternatives in the European Union.

IDR has always had the ambition to drastically reduce the amount of chemicals and additives that are artificial or can have harmful effects on health. This is why we are committed to offering fragrances containing a minimum of CMR agents or 100% pure juice fragrances (pure perfume essence), beyond the REACH standard.

REACH has led to the creation of a European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Its role is to ensure the implementation, management and administrative, scientific and technical coordination of REACH. This agency is located in Helsinki, Finland.