IDR - Schema de fonctionnement ozoneur retro

Air and surface decontamination with ozone, how does it work?

A little science, what is ozone?

Ozone is a 100% natural decontaminant with unique decontamination properties.

  • Present on Earth and in the atmosphere, ozone is a gas composed of three oxygen atoms (O3), which exists naturally in the atmosphere and is formed around lightning during storms.
  • Ozone, as a gas, has the ability to penetrate hard-to-reach areas that liquids or radiation do not.
IDR - Principe de depollution retro

RETRO Ozone: A powerful oxidant for the elimination of germs and odours

Without any additional chemicals, the ozone generator produces and diffuses ozone through an electro-physical reaction. Our RETRO generators convert the oxygen (O2) in the air into ozone (O3). The latter binds to the pollutants to oxidise them. 

Propelled into the room while maintaining a constant saturation, ozone becomes a very powerful oxidant, degrading all pollutants, disinfecting, decontaminating and sterilising the air and all surfaces with which it comes into contact.

Finally, as ozone always seeks to return to its original state, once the oxidation of pollutants is complete, it decomposes into oxygen (O2) without leaving any deposit.

A treatment to be taken without human or animal presence.

affichette traitement en cours sur porte en verre

Ozone is a hyper-oxidising gas with a characteristic "metallic" odour that allows it to be quickly identified. If too much of it is present in the air, or if too much is inhaled, it can be harmful to all living beings.

This is why it is compulsory to carry out the treatment outside the presence of humans and animals, to ventilate the room well after the treatment or to couple it to an OXYMORE purification device for optimal depollution.